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GCU Academy is a youth focused organisation that uses sports and education to uplift the local community. Recognising the strong influence of gang culture on our community, we offer an after-school programme filled with a range of activities and positive influences, as well as providing the physical education staff for local Primary Schools.

“Without extracurricular activities young people turn to drugs, alcohol and gangsterism which leads to high dropout and failure rates. Also, kids turn to gangsterism because of their need for a sense of belonging that many don’t have in their fragmented family environment. If left alone, it is a cycle that will just continue.”

Mario van Niekerk  – Founder 

“Having the opportunity to work with GCU was the experience of a lifetime. I was able to learn more about non-profits and how individuals are inspired to create an organization to solve a problem they see in their community. GCU forges an inclusive and positive attitude amongst a troubled neighborhood in Cape Town, and it was incredible to be immersed in the culture of the Cape Flats.”

Allison Harvey, Intern, Student-Athletes Abroad

Our Partners

We are so grateful to our generous partners who help in making our work possible.

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