What we do!


Life Skills

Big Sister Programme

The Big Sister Programme was started by young women who saw the need to help the young girls in their community who face various forms of gender discrimination. Working in the five primary schools, they avail themselves to girls from Grade 4 to Grade 7 as mentors and someone who they can come to with problems they may be facing at home or school. The Big Sister Programme teaches life skills programmes through sports, along with communication skills; confidence & self-respect; and even self-defence techniques.


GCU provides workshops that teach and encourage positive Life Skills such as healthy behaviour; goal setting; self-management skills; self-esteem building; and problem solving.

The Continuum Project

Along with the focus on youth at a grassroots level, and with the backdrop of high unemployment for school leavers in South Africa, GCU offers tutoring positions to recent high school graduates. We also offer senior players from the soccer team and those who have through our after-school programme the opportunity to stay with GCU as coaches for the younger players.

Career Path Project

In a society where job prospects look dim, GCU provides learners with attentive assistance in helping them pursue their dreams. The youth learn to communicate their passions and life ambitions and where possible, GCU helps provide those first steps to ultimately going into their ideal profession. This may be linking them to a certain tertiary institution and helping with the needed paperwork; or helping with an internship in the desired field of work.

Education Often having more than 40 children in a classroom, school teachers are often grossly under-resourced to provide optimal education to their leaners. To help offset this GCU assists the five main primary schools in Heideveld with the following:

School Tutoring

With a strong focus on reading and writing skills, GCU provides after-school tutoring and one-on-one help with homework.

Wordworks and Paired Reading

Early intervention programmes designed to strengthen early child literacy and language development using these proven programmes. For more information go to wordworks.org.za

Sports At our after school programme we want the children to primarly have fun in a safe space. This is balanced with the structure of organised activities like soccer, rope skipping, hockey, boxing and chess.


GCU Academy Football Club has around 220 players from U7 to U19. When needed we supplement kit, boots, food, and provide transportation. The uniforms are particularly important in giving the youngsters a sense of identity; pride; and belonging and are often a powerful alternative to the colours and insignias associated with the gangs.

Physical Education

Many government schools in South Africa no longer offer physical education as part of the curriculum. GCU fills that gap by providing Phys. Ed. coaches to the five main primary schools in Heideveld. A range of sports and exercises are done throughout the year with a strong emphasis on developing fine motor skills. There are other many other benefits too such as developing social competence; problem solving skills; and enhanceing self-esteem.

Rope Skipping

An activity that is both aerobic and anaerobic, rope skipping has had a huge impact on our children both physically and mentally. GCU has a long history of excellence in this sport and has provided various teams that have competed at the provincial level.